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3. Obsessiogram

Obsessiogram ( Obsession - hologram ) is a project about online addiction that lead to our social media compulsive behaviours. Many researchers have demonstrated that the excessive use of internet was causing depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, impulsive disorder, loneliness..

Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram affected the elements of our humanity : the cognitive, the ethical, the social and the emotional.

The constant need to perform online and the fear of missing out impacted our physical social interactions. The diversity of digital materials at our disposal enabled us to present ourselves in many ways, leaving our body silent. We blind scroll, stalk, constantly check our messages and notifications.

What does it mean to be absent/present in the digital age? Are we present by being physically absent? Is representational absence a form of presence?

This project invites to reflect on the self-awareness of our corporeality through our online obsessive behaviours. This Spirit Guide is a digital version of yourself, warning you from your absent states on Facebook. It locks your account every time you are blind scrolling, shit posting or stalking. Your Obsessiogram will show you the physical move to perform to unlock your Facebook account. These physical rituals are a mirror of your addiction. The pace of the movement is generated from the speed/amount of your obsession. The faster you scroll the faster you will have to execute the movement.


Film, video editing and sound: Soline Bredin

Graduation project 2018

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