Eindhoven Film Festival 2019 

EFF is an international film festival for unconventional independent film, organised at several vibrant locations in Eindhoven. 

I was invited to create animation telling the story about the Effie, the mascot of their Film Festival.


'a Kitchenette' 2019

'a Kitchenette', animation made for Maxine Granzin's graduation projet. 


Wallpainting at Wallstreet Eindhoven DDW19

I was invited to invest the restaurant and artspace WallStreet in Eindhoven for the Dutch Design Week 2019. 

Tweet Bodygraphies 2017


How words could be used as a tool to generate choreographic systems which would be directly connected to your online identities.

Our textual language would be translated into performing bodies based on the affect analyzed behind our words.


Each emotion - tone - action has a graphical notation which corresponds to a specific body movement. Understand in a different way how our online identities are being perceived and how we can communicate with an online body language. Reconnect to a kind of corporeality while interacting online.

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