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A. Patterns

P0d0me in the ‘Magic boxes’

Peau d’Homme. (“Skin of the Human”)

P0d0me is the connection between my physical realm and the digital world, the so called ‘Magic Box’.

P0d0me travels time through peculiar skins. Digital skins.​

A body - screen, faceted by its connected/networked society.

It is a mirror to our multiple selves, (not only mine), and it is through mediation that we come to know ourselves.​​ P0d0me explores the three different selves of E.Tory Higgins :

The Actual Self (aspects of identity that one possesses), The Ideal Self (what one wants to possess) and the Ought Self (what one should possess).

​P0d0me is my Obsessiogram.

Obsessio - gram (obsessions, obsessive behaviours wrote down).

Graphic Investigations

Patterns created from hand drawings, photographed and fragmented

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